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The Team

Team Bath Racing Electric, proudly representing the University of Bath’s Faculty of Engineering and Design, boasts a remarkable history of excellence in Formula Student - a prestigious global engineering competition where student teams design, build, and race formula-style race cars. In short, the equivalent of Formula 1 at a student level.

As the highest-ranking UK team in Europe, we have represented our nation in international Formula Student competitions since 2015. Our close affiliation with the University of Bath underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and education within the automotive industry. Our accomplished team comprises students from diverse academic backgrounds, including engineering, computer science, business, and management, who collaborate each year to design, manufacture, test, and race a cutting-edge, single-seater electric racing car. With over 100 students actively participating in the project each year, it is the largest engineering competition team of the University of Bath.

Our Successes

Thanks to the generous contributions from our incredible supporters, we not only achieved our goals last year but also surpassed expectations in competitions held in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. This included a remarkable P3 overall in Portugal and a P4 overall finish in Spain. We also secured victory in the Cost and Manufacturing category in FSUK. Supporter contributions have been pivotal to our journey thus far, and as we gear up for the 2024 season, we are excited to invite you to join us in our pursuit of excellence.

Our goal

Thanks to the hard work of the students involved with TBRe23 and TBRe24, this year’s challenger brings the first true performance upgrade to the vehicle’s architecture after years of fighting for better reliability. This upgrade comes in the form of a full carbon fibre monocoque. To achieve this objective, the team is looking for your support to raise £6,000.

Your donation will ensure TBRe can continue pushing boundaries, successfully compete with better funded European teams, whilst demonstrating the potential of electric vehicles in the competitive arena.

What next?

For the first time, we have qualified for the toughest European competition: Formula Student Germany at the famous Hockenheimring. With the addition of our domestic competition at Silverstone, and Formula Student Portugal, the team will be representing the University of Bath across Europe throughout a busy summer!

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