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Team Bath Heart is a student-led competition team at the University of Bath that achieved a monumental milestone last year by winning the first-ever International Heart Hackathon Competition (IHHC). Our groundbreaking design for a Total Artificial Heart (TAH) has garnered attention from global experts in artificial heart technologies.

Please support our appeal and help us raise £1,000 so we can develop and improve our existing prototype and maintain our leading position in this field.

Team Bath Heart is run by the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Departments with other science subject students like biology and natural sciences forming part of the team. Competing as a student-led team is an extra-curricular project which allows younger students to explore more niche fields of engineering and older students to develop their personal projects into a larger, full-scale one.

Team Bath Heart are now the number one team in the world’s only current student-led biomedical engineering competition. 

Our mission

Developing an artificial heart is of paramount importance due to the critical shortage of donor organs and the ever-growing waiting lists for heart transplants. An artificial heart serves as a groundbreaking solution to this global healthcare crisis, offering a lifeline to individuals who face the grim reality of deteriorating health while waiting for a suitable donor. Our goal is to avoid the limitations and drawbacks associated with current solutions, such as the risk of infections and blood damage.

Beyond the immediate alleviation of this organ shortage, the development of an artificial heart has the potential to revolutionize cardiac care by providing a reliable, long-term solution for patients with heart failure.

Why we need your help

The human body is an extremely challenging subject and some problems can only be solved with advanced technology that comes at a price.

We need to raise £1,000 to achieve our technical goals for this year, specifically, to buy more advanced parts that can't be manufactured at the University. 

Thank you for your support.

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