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The right work placement can have a huge impact on a student’s grades, employability and chances of thriving after graduation. 

In 2023 we were only able to offer six Alumni Fund placement grants of £2,000 each so this year we are hoping to double this to make more placements available, especially to students from low-income backgrounds.

In an increasingly competitive job market, the experience a placement provides can give our students a valuable step up and that can motivate them to do their very best. It is an opportunity to deepen learning in a chosen field and gain vital real-world experience, whether that’s in business, education, engineering or scientific research, it’s no exaggeration to say a placement can be a valuable, life-changing experience.

All placements aren’t equal

While some in areas such as business and finance are well-funded, meaning a student is paid for their 6 to 12 month position, many others in hospitals, laboratories, schools and charities are often low or even unpaid. In fact, around 300 Bath students are offered unpaid and low-paid placements every year. 

"I know several people who had to turn down or chose not to do a placement due to financial reasons."

Izzy, 3rd Year Psychology Student

A growing number of students simply cannot afford to take up the best placement for their future aspirations. They miss out on a valuable step in their development and important sectors like health, education and research are deprived of their skills and talents too. Not only is this hugely disappointing, there’s a widening gap between those students who can afford placements and those who can’t.

With this appeal we’re determined to close this gap and ensure every student, no matter their circumstances, can afford to go on a placement. 

Please help us take a big step forward in 2024: doubling the number of Alumni Fund placement grants will mean 12 talented students will be able to benefit from the increased confidence, real-life experience and enhanced career prospects only a placement can offer. Thanks to you. 

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