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Team Bath Racing 2019 European Tour

A project by: Jack Harris


WE RAISED £13,625

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This project received pledges on Fri 28 Jun 2019
Support the UK's best Formula Student team and help us compete at the biggest competitions in Europe

our goal

Team Bath Racing are hoping to raise £10,000 to allow us to compete at the highest level of Formula Student, in Austria and Germany this Summer. Competing in Europe not only allows our engineers to further advance their engineering skills and knowledge but also gives us an opportunity to represent the best of the UK's engineering talent on an international stage.

Who are team bath racing?

Team Bath Racing (TBR) is one of the UK's premiere Formula Student racing teams. Founded in 2000, students from the University of Bath design, build, test and race a single seat race car to compete against teams from all over the world. Team Bath Racing boasts a rich history of building event winning cars. We are the UK's most decorated team, are only one of two UK teams to have ever won a Formula Student competition (FS Czech 2016) and are the only UK team to have ever held a top 10 world ranking (2016-17).

The 2019 team is comprised of 25 final year engineering students, who specialise in a variety of disciplines: Mechanical, Automotive, Aerospace and Electrical. Many of our team members have had the opportunity to complete many high profile placements with companies such as BP, Mercedes F1, Williams, Nissan and Airbus thanks to Formula Student.

Attending European events has become a large part of the TBR program and we hope you can help us continue our story in 2019.

What is formula student?

Initially created in the 1980s, Formula Student is an international design and business competition that now has over 700 registered teams worldwide. With 16 competitions across the globe, and classes in internal combustion powered, electric and driveless cars, the series aims to put students at the forefront of todays engineering design.

For more information please visit: formula-student

What are we about?

  • ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE - Every year, TBR manufactures an entirely new racing car, building on years of knowledge and experience to create one of the most advanced and fastest cars in the competition. Research into composite materials and additive manufacturing techniques allows us to produce a vehicle that weighs only 180kg and can produce cornering forces of over 3G.
  • REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE - Formula Student allows team members, across all year groups, to learn and improve on their engineering skills, such as using design and simulation software, to complex manufacturing techniques. The 50 younger students, that have been involved in our project this year, have gained skills that have helped them secure prestigious internships across many industries.

  • INSPIRING THE FUTURE - TBR actively promotes engineering to future generations, attending STEM events both locally and nationally. The team believes that everybody has the the potential to become a great engineer, and after engaging over 3,000 school students this year alone, we hope we have provided some inspiration that may turn into a lifelong passion and career.

  • WOMEN IN ENGINEERING - Over 20% of the 2019 TBR team are female, which exceeds the national average for women in engineering of only 11%. TBR19's technical leadership team are all female and continue to inspire more young women to pursue a career in engineering.

how can you help us?

Attending this year's European competitions will cost TBR around £25,000. That works out at £800 per team member. The costs:

  • Competition Entries: £3,500
  • Ferry and Eurotunnel Tickets: £3,000
  • Camping & Accomodation: £10,000
  • Fuel & Food Costs: £8,500

The European Tour is a hugely worthwhile experience and we would love as many team members to attend as possible. However, we currently do not have the funds to be able to do this. With any kind donations, you can help us get to the continent and take on the worlds best!

How could a donation help?

  • £30 will cover the cost of a team member for a day
  • £50 could cover the cost of a ferry ticket for a team member
  • £100 would pay to get our race car to the continent

What's more, the University of Bath Alumni Fund have agreed to match any donation that is made up to £5,000, so your support would be doubled!

our reward to you

All donors will get their name printed on our 2019 race car so wherever we go, you'll be will us!

We'll keep you informed on our progress throughout the summer and hopefully, there will be some silverware to bring back too!

where you can find us

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Help us succeed!

  • We'd love it if you could donate to our cause! Please share Team Bath Racing's story to anyone you think would support us – on Facebook, by email, telephone, to your neighbour or to a friend.