Support for students during COVID-19

A project by: Crowdfunding At Bath

pledged of £40,000 target

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Couldn,t enter start year? Maybe too long ago!

It may just be a drop in the ocean for some, it is hope for others. Stay healthy, stay safe, and don't give up!

The University has come such a long way since I was there. I am really impressed by this and of course the gorgeous City of Bath will always be in my mind!

I would like my gift to go to a student who may have trouble paying their rent at this time

The university supported me when I was a student in a way that has changed my life forever. I am more than glad to help other students now.

Happy to offer some support for these students.

Hope UoB can savely overcome any diificulties during this difficult time.

The student hardship fund helped me MASSIVELY when I struggled, so I wanted to give something back with thanks to Steve for his help in the early 00s.