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Hardship Appeal: Help students facing financial difficulty

A project by: University of Bath Crowdfunding

pledged of £75,000 target

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One has to stay focus on the positive in order to have the energy to fix the negatives we encounter everyday.

Honored to help students of this excellent university. I hope they can fully complete their studies.

Tough times but the cavalry has left the Fort and knows where we are - but it hasn't reached the bottom of the hill that it's got to come over to rescue us yet so KBO.

I would like to donate the amount in the name of a friend of cordiality , kindness , compassion and WISDOM - Craig Tyson Roberts for good input and shared efforts in promoting GOOD EDUCATION and instructional training programs to all of our students both former and current ones.

I am tempted to offer to help with the mentoring scheme, but I am now so old and out of date that I am not sure of I could be useful. I do, however, have a lifetime of experience of simply getting through the sea of troubles, and might be able to advise somebody in that direction.

Happy to help... such fond memories :-)

As an The University of Bath Alumna and The Alumni , I hope all home and international students who go to courses , lectures and seminars on campus studying , living and maybe working the same time need to live more frugally and spend money wisely where they can eat more green leafy vegetables and do more cooking on their own and perhaps to share some of their wonderful vegetarian vegan style cooking at a touch of their own effort and heart put in with their fellow students either a neighbor dormitory friend in the same corridor or a classmate who take up the exact course instantaneously. Fear not to manifest your skills and ability to help. 😃

Hope it makes it easier for students!

A great cause. I am happy to give back to a fund that greatly helped me through my degree.

Never give up on building a better tomorrow :)

"Every bit counts" as the phrase goes. If my little "bit" can help in someone's life journey that meanders through U of Bath, … that's meaningful.

Good luck to all the Gold Scholars!

Its a tough time and everyone deserves a chance.

It is MY " alma marta " so I'm bound to be prejudice about these students needing to be 'looked after' What I am hugely impressed with is this generation's "adaptability". I shouldn't be because we were all tested for our initiative and ingenuity (the girl who broke my heart as a student had initially been sent a letter refusing her application. Because she had arranged an interview before 'the post' - it was the '70s - had delivered the verdict she impressed the admissions tutor enough to reverse his decision on the day!) I merely had to resign from UCCA (now UCAS') system and make a direct appeal for entry to the Senate - it was granted the next day in order that I come to Bath University. However - I never made any team that won the 'Rag Week' Initiative Test Competition - came 2nd twice! (My Greatest regret about student life) I have every confidence in this generation making those achievements look trivial. If all that's needed is money to fulfil and succeed - then just ASK

I can't imagine how tough it must be for the students across the country right now. Studying at university is for most a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the current situation has changed that forever. i hope all Bath students enjoy their time there, and to those in difficulty - you'll get through this, hang in there!

Hope you can raise sufficient fund through crowd funding to help the students. Good job

Well done for giving me to opportunity to have a golden education that led to a thriving career . I would like to help give someone else the opportunity .Have a Great day.

Great initiative - always *love* a match!

Stay safe! Stay Strong!

Great appeal to support! Good luck with reaching your target.

Wishing the University of Bath and all Staff and students continuous success and prosperity. Stay Safe

Impressed with work and contribution Bath has undertaken with Coronavirus pandemic

Don’t forget to have fun too. Education is fine and all, but keep it light when you can.

All the best to you!

Hope this wil lhelp someone..

Even if it's hard, keep focused on the change you can make in the world with your studies. Believe in yourself. All the very best.

Best wishes

Such a worthwhile cause, keep up the good work!

Awarded a University of Bath degree but actually attended the Bristol College of Science and Technology, a year later I would have been at Bath. I feel that I am affiliated more to Bristol than Bath, but during the epidemic all students need some help.

Hope that students will have a great experience at the University of Bath :)

Trust other ex-members of staff will support your fund

trust other ex-members of staff will support your fund.

I graduate from Bath 40 years ago! My neighbour's son went off to Bath Uni this year! The student need our support in these difficult times.

small donation to worthwhile cause


Well done for getting this fund going x

proud to be a former BATH UNY student, best memories. Stay strong, stay safe

Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, I was fortunate enough to be provided with financial assistance from the University. This support proved invaluable and allowed me to fully focus on my studies and extracurricular activities without my financial hardship affecting my quality of life. I am immensely grateful for the support that I received and I am more than happy to provide assistance to the hardship appeal in any way that I can!

Best wishes to all students And staff impacted By ongoing events

Really delighted to support this worthy cause. Bath students are working hard and happy to offer a small bit of help to those in need.

I am glad to support the hardship fund and help students to continue with their studies.

Very pleased to be able to help in some small way. I feel desperately sorry for the young people for whom covid is scarcely a threat, yet seem to be taking the brunt of the fall out.

Good to be able to support!

Very happy to support such a worthy cause, and sending my best wishes to all of the University community experiencing hardship at this time.