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Hardship Appeal: Help students facing financial difficulty

A project by: University of Bath Crowdfunding

pledged of £75,000 target
As a result of Covid-19, students are in greater need than ever before

When we launched our first appeal for help back in April, lockdown meant that we faced an unprecedented emergency. As the coronavirus pandemic has continued, so too has our students’ need for support: the University’s Student Hardship Fund has already seen a six-fold increase on the usual number of emergency grant applications received at this time of year.

“The grant helped me to survive and pay for my bills and food. My sincere thanks goes out to the alumni who have donated to the Hardship Fund, without which I really don't know what I'd have done.”   (Hardship Fund recipient)

Many students have had their financial safety net snatched away by Covid-19. The casual, part-time jobs in hospitality and retail that so many rely upon over the summer, or alongside their studies, have been hit hard. Doctoral students have been forced to extend their period of study due to disruption to their research. And a lot of families are no longer able to provide financial help, due to the impact of furlough or redundancy.   

Decisions about travel, rent and student life are being made against a background of global uncertainty. Increasingly some of our students may face the real, heart-breaking prospect of being unable to complete their studies.  This can have a significant impact on student mental health and wellbeing.   

How can you help?  

A gift today could help secure the future of the students who are struggling. Your support will directly help those in most need – for example:

• £15 could buy essential stationery and course materials

£35 could buy groceries for a student who is unable to work part-time

£120 could purchase equipment for remote learning  

£500 could help a student who is struggling to pay their rent

£1,000 could support a doctoral student through an extra month of research

Please Donate today to the Student Hardship Appeal and help our community when they need us most.

Please share this page with family and friends to help us reach as many people as possible.